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One of AppDevPro’s more complex application suites launched a couple days ago. Available on windows 8 and widows phone 8 It uses randomized predictive algorithms to enable binary decision making as well as a secondary multi output capable decision tree … Continue reading

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AppFactor Pcl ViewModels

At the Microsoft AppFactor in Irvine I will demonstrate my Portable Class Library (Pcl) solution for HomeAmation Windows Store app and Windows phone application from a single ViewModel using Mvvm Light ToolKit.

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Embedded GitHub Gist Test

I’ve started using Gist a lot more on GitHub. Noticed they had an embed link for the gist, so thought I would test it out here.

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HomeAmation (formerly ePhidgetY)

This post will document the data formats necessary for you to read your data in AppDevPro’s HomeAmation Windows 8, and Windows phone applications.

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TheLolFx Extended Splash

TheLolFx release 1.3. I’ve updated TheLolFx to allow for unlimited local sound storage and along with that gained increased performance.

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TheLolFx update certification fail

I’m writing this to get my thoughts in order prior to a live webinar: “Navigating the Windows Store Certification Process” where I hope to learn more about how, not only to solve certification issues, but how to communicate with the … Continue reading

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TheLolFx GenerationApp

TheLolFx Is an MVC 4 web site, Windows phone 7 application and this blog post is a backgrounder I’m preparing for my Microsoft 1 on 1 in the generation app / 30 to launch program to create a Windows … Continue reading

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Microsoft is closing down it’s Live Small Business service offering. With about two weeks to spare it’s a good thing I logged in to see the notice. Moved the domain to and running this web on a linux vps … Continue reading

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