One of AppDevPro’s more complex application suites launched a couple days ago. Available on windows 8 and widows phone 8 It uses randomized predictive algorithms to enable binary decision making as well as a secondary multi output capable decision tree suggestion engine with a runtime tunable decision matrix.

Decisive, an application on windows phone and windows 8, may help you in making decisions with the flip of a coin, or answers from a crystal ball.

You can find the #win8 Decisive application in the Windows 8 store or the #wp8 Decisive application in the Windows phone store.

screenshot_06032013_122843Coin Toss

For all of you Nerd developers out there these win8 and winPhone applications share a common MVVM Light Portable class library (PCL) ViewModel. You can check out some resource I published on how I’ve used PCL in other projects here.

These are some community and open source resources I used in building Decisive.

In the #win8 app

In the #wp8 app

Also handy were three books on Windows 8 I read and refer to

The Microsoft Virtual Academy has a great series on c# and Windows 8 store applications. Thanks Jerry Nixon @jerrynixon and Daren May @darenmay

And last but certainly not least a couple of great Microsoft evangelists out of Southern California that have put up with endless questions as I stalked them through windows 8 intros, hackathons, codecams, oHours, skype and twitter. Thanks Daniel Egan @DanielEgan and Bret Stateham @BretStateham


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