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At the Microsoft AppFactor in Irvine I will demonstrate my Portable Class Library (Pcl) solution for HomeAmation Windows Store app and Windows phone application from a single ViewModel using Mvvm Light ToolKit.

HomeAmation is a nerding project of mine to learn many technologies. HomeAmation can display current, summary and historical temperature data on your Windows Phone or in Windows 8. I have created some resources pointing to my GitHub and some tips to build a data Logger yourself with Parallax Propeller, and with a .netmf Netduino Plus.

For the purposes of this demonstration it is not necessary to have a data logger of your own. The applications default to mock data from an Azure web site running MVC and web api for the XML and Json data. Running the application on your device or in simulation will display mock data from Azure


The windows phone version is available in the store with it’s source code on GitHub. The Windows store app version has not been submitted yet.


MVVM Light ToolKit

Callisto @timheuer


Codin4Fun ToolKit @ClintRutka

Laurent Bugnion (GalaSoft) @LBugnion

 Session material from TechDays BE and NL author of MVVM Light ToolKit. Includes a couple sessions. The “Coding and designing for Windows 8 and Windows Phone” I devoured for several weeks. It includes source code for a solution that is slightly more involved than the HomeAmation single page app.

Gill Cleeren @gillcleeren

I learned so much from this series. Crunchy good code fed me for weeks. Helped in my understanding and implementation of de coupled services and IOC. Source code available, follow these links.

Enjoy!, – jeffa

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