Embedded GitHub Gist Test


I’ve started using Gist a lot more on GitHub. Noticed they had an embed link for the gist, so thought I would test it out here.

Interesting. It shows up on the blog, but not in live writer. Perhaps I should look for a plugin to support it. Looks good in the preview. This is a value converter I wrote for a coin toss app.

Download a plugin, install it. Fiddle around. Reboot. Hmm looks like it’s to post Gists. I just want to embed and see them in the live writer blog.

Hmm I know I’ve just pasted youtube embed code in here and it shows up in Live Writer.

Yea! There’s the ticket. I need an iframe Hmm looks like bummer. On Stackoverflow: “Github has added the X-Frame-Options: deny HTTP header, which prevents the page from being embedded in a page (such as a frame).”

Looks like maybe I can use a shortcode in wordpress.  [gist https://gist.github.com/jhalbrecht/5653797 /]

Or maybe not.

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